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Our core values!

2 september, 2016

There is some thing that are the most important things about our company and that are our core values. It´s not only the values of our products it´s also the values of how we want to run our business.

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Monimo Luxury Blanket


Quality – All our products are made in the best quality that we could find. That means that they can be used year after year without any quality lost. It also mean that we choose quality in all things we do. We want to provide the best quality of service to our clients, and whant you to be sure that Monimo is a trustwordy company.

Function – As a working mum function is of high imortance, our products has the purpose to make things easier for you in your daily life.

Rethinking – For us it´s very important to listen to our clients, how they use our products and what are they needs. For example totaly new sizes and colours were made after suggestions with our clients and we are always have an ear to the ground to hear whats going on. 🙂

Design – We want our products to look good and have the perfect function without loosing it good looks. We hope you like what we do!

On our website you can read more about us and our products. Welcome!


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