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Dream client!

14 september, 2016

Who is my dream client? That´s a very good question and something you as a business owner need to think about.

Im very fortunate that I have clients that gives me suggestions and feedback on my company and products and I always always listen very carefully when they have something to say. And some of my most popular products was developed that way.


jabadabado, monimo, bara bokstäver, johanna Tibell-Gartz, styling, lehna l, pappbokstäver, bokstäver, monimo pets, dog, hund, hound, dog blanket, luxury, dog bed, hund säng, hund filt

The letters you find at http://www.barabokstaver.se

Now I´m working on some new products, some has been suggested from clients and some are my own ideas. I so wonder how they will be received.

Here is a little sneak peak. What do you think, what looks most fab?

dragkedja, tre dragkedjor, monimo, monimosweden, johanna tibell-gartz

Black zipper with metall or black?

So many fun decisions to make.

All the best!


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