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Scandisysters Ambassadors

10 juli, 2017

Remember that I told you about Scandisysters?! Today I want you all to meet some of our Scandisysters Ambassadors.


Rebecca, projekt vasastan, projektvasastan, scandisysters, scandisysters ambassador, ambassador, scandisyters collective, monimo

First meet Rebecca, on her gorgeous blog and instagram you will find lots of interior design ideas especially kid themed stuff, clothes and nice creative projects.

Emmalin, sjattevaningen, sjättevåningen, blogg, scandisysters, scandisyster, monimo, ambassador, ambassadors

Meet Emmalin, at her inspiring blogg and instagram you will find a lot of indoor design and still life photography. And if you like pink as she does, this is someone to follow.

Suzi, alternaive ageing, scandisysters, scandisyster, ambassador, ambassadors, onimo, monimoblogg

Suzi ´s instagram and blogg really makes you smile, It´s vibrant and fun. Lovely colours and the coolest cat in town.

janice, janice issitt, scandisysters, scandisyster, ambassador, ambassadors, monimo, monimoblogg, monimo sweden

Janice is another cool cat from UK. On her instagram and blog you will find the most inspiring decor and lots of things that Janice makes by hand, along with loads of beautiful still life photography.

pernilla, inredning och guldkanter, guldkanter, inredning, blogg, scandisysters, scandisyster, ambassador, ambassadors, monimo, monimosweden

On Pernillas lovely blog and instagram you will find inspiring decoration and lots of nice recipes, to add that little extra dusting of wonderfulness.


Elinor, beachhut, beachhutcook, cook, scandisysters, scandisyster, monimo, blogg, ambassador

Ellinor is another UK blogger. If you like food, as much as we do, please check out her scrumptious blog and instagram. Down at the beach, in her hut, she’s cooking for her family and friends.

Jennie, betonghuset, hus, betong, scandisysters, scandisyster, blogg, ambassador, ambassadors, monimo

Meet Jennie, the lovely owner of a huge house were she lives with her family. On her insta you find a lot of interior ideas, kidsstuff and much more.


We are so happy to have them on board!

Johanna – Monimo

scandisysters, scandi, systers, systrar, entreprenörskap, work together, ambassador, ambassadör, collective, scandisysters collective


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