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Dream BIG!

If you want to do changes, both in life and in business. You need to dream big. Because if you can´t dream it. It would be very hard to make it. Right!?

At the moment im in a bloggchallange. Challanges is good. They make you grow. But they also make you think. Every day during this challange has a special theme and todays theme is ”in five years”.

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Five years, that is both a long time but also very short.

To know where you want to go you also need to know where you are.

One of my big goals is to be represented in all continents. That would be so cool!

Oh my good you might think, She´s really dreaming big! Maybe I do, maybe I don´t. but it´s my dream.

Our lovely Earth has sevent continents, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. And at the moment I have retailers in Europe and North America. That means one retailar a year to achive my five year goal. So if you live in any of these continents you sure could help me. 🙂

So my advice to you is: Don´t forget to dream. But be sure you dream about the right things. You might end up having exactly what you dreamt about!

Make all your dreams come true!

Love Johanna

loggan med dubbel m utan streck



Our core values!

There is some thing that are the most important things about our company and that are our core values. It´s not only the values of our products it´s also the values of how we want to run our business.

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Monimo Luxury Blanket


Quality – All our products are made in the best quality that we could find. That means that they can be used year after year without any quality lost. It also mean that we choose quality in all things we do. We want to provide the best quality of service to our clients, and whant you to be sure that Monimo is a trustwordy company.

Function – As a working mum function is of high imortance, our products has the purpose to make things easier for you in your daily life.

Rethinking – For us it´s very important to listen to our clients, how they use our products and what are they needs. For example totaly new sizes and colours were made after suggestions with our clients and we are always have an ear to the ground to hear whats going on. 🙂

Design – We want our products to look good and have the perfect function without loosing it good looks. We hope you like what we do!

On our website you can read more about us and our products. Welcome!


loggan med dubbel m utan streck


August! My favourite month.

Actually I like all month but august is probably closest to my heart.

The water is warm. One year we had 24° C in the lake we love. The garden is full of flowers and it´s time to pick the apples and everything else I have grown.

And ofcourse those lovely late summer evenings. When you just want to cuttle up in blanket in a chair on the porch, watching the sunset.

Altan, yxig, Monimo, filt, blanket, pouch, veranda, luxury, sunset, solnedgång

/Johanna – Monimo

if you are curious about our luxury wind and waterproof faux fur blankets you find more information here.

No summer without rain!

The climate in Sweden is devided in four seasons and it´s very different from eachother. Something that most of the Swedes are very happy about and appreciates.

Most of Sweden recives somewhere between 500 and 800 mm of rain- or snowfall every year. That makes Sweden drier that the global average. It´s the southwestern part of the country that receives most along with some montain areas in the north. When the weather gets colder the rain changes in to snow.

monimo, monimo sweden, sweden, rain, blanket, filt, vattentät, waterproof, luxury, lyxig

May is often very nice in the part of Sweden where Monimo is located. And this summer has been fantastic. It´s only the last week we had some rain. But as we say in sweden ”Det finns inga dåliga väder, bara dåliga kläder” and in english ”There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.”

Monimos different products are all waterproof. Our products have a water column of 5000mm. It means that the withstand pressure of 5000mm water on a surface of 1mm. We have done several tests of the water density. If you pour a jug of water onto the blanket, it just runs off leaving your blanket totaly dry.

monimo, waterproof, vattentät, filt, blanket, Sweden

Please find more of Monimos different products at our website.

/Johanna -Monimo


Things you need to know about midsummer in Sweden

There are some important things to know about midsummer in Sweden.

First of all, midsummer is probably one of the most important holidays in Sweden. You can  imagine, after the long cold winter, the Swedes really celebrate the light and sun coming back. The midsummer is always celebrated on a friday somewhere between 20-25 of june. And sometimes it actually is the same day as the Sumer Solstice. On the northernmost latitudes, that is North of the Arctic Circle, the sun does not even go down below the horizon and even further south it is light the whole night through.

The way Swedes celibrate is basically a family matter and you can make your own rules about how it should be celebrated but there are some things probably all Swedes agree needs to do be done to make the midsummer celebration a real one.

midsommar, leksand, dalarna, midsummer

Midsummer Tibble in Leksand,Dalarna. Picture from Dalarna.se


Depending on where you are in Sweden midsummer is celibrated differently. But if you decide that you sometime whant to spend time in Sweden during midsummer there is actually only one choice. And that is to visit Dalarna, a community in the middle of Sweden. But beware, check first which day they celibrate midsummer. In some villages they don´t celibrate on midsummers eve that the rest of us do. Instead they celibrate on midsummer day.

Most Swedes go to their summer houses or at a friends summer house during midsummer. We Swedes also have this romantic feeling about what a real midsummer should be. Almost all communites have some kind of arranged midsummer celebration inkluding maypole and music where everybody are welcome. In some communitys, especially in Dalarna, everybody go out and pick the flowers to the maypole in the morning and making the wreaths together. A very nice tradition.

Dalarna, falu röd färg, röd stuga, röd, stuga, dalarna, blommor, vas, blom vas, midsommarblomster, midsommar, johanna Tibell-Gartz


Most important: Sill (pickeld herring), färkspotatis (new potatoes), jordgubbar (strawberrys) and some would also say nubbe (snaps)

At lunch the Swedes often eat Silllunch (if you try to translate that you probably would call it Pickledherringlunch) And it´s as it says, a lunch with pickled herring, new potatoes and snaps.

jordgubbstårta, tårta, jordgubbar, svenska flaggan, sverige, sweden, strawberry

Maypole, midsummerpole or Midsommarstång: 

The maypole is the symbol for midsummer and one of the most important things during the celebration. And here is where we do our famous dance ”små grodorna” and other funny dances that no one except a Swede would understand. The maypole may look different in different parts of Sweden.

Stångresning i Sundborn. bild från Visitdalarna.se

Pictue from Visitdalarna.se

Midsummer wreath:

You have them both in your hair and around the maypole.

midsommar krans

Picture: Tatiana Temm från Pinterest.

Små Grodorna:

One of the song that we always sings when we dance around the maypole. Here it is… both in Swedish and in an English translation so you all know what we are singing.

Små grodorna,
små grodorna
är lustiga att se.
Små grodorna,
små grodorna
är lustiga att se.

Ej öron, ej öron,
ej svansar hava de.
Ej öron, ej öron,
ej svansar hava de.

Koack, ack, ack
Koack, ack, ack
Koack, ack, ack, ack, aa.
Koack, ack, ack
Koack, ack, ack
Koack, ack, ack, ack, aa.

And here is the english version.

The little frogs,
the little frogs
are funny to observe.
The little frogs,
the little frogs
are funny to observe.

No ears, no ears
no tails do they possess.
No ears, no ears
no tails do they possess.

Kou, ack, ack
Kou, ack, ack
Kou, ack, ack, ack, aa.
Kou, ack, ack
Kou, ack, ack
Kou, ack, ack, ack, aa.

After a long day of fun, food and dance and it´s time to hit the sack… it´s still something you do first.

Seven flowers:

Or some says nine…

Bilden är från smaka på sverige

The picture is from tryswedish.com a exellent place to read more about swedish food.

Just before time to go to bed children and the unmarried pick flowers to put under our pillows to dream about who to marry.  Some pick them in silence as as they say – broken silence is broken magic.

I hope you liked the text. Me, im going to Dalarna ofcourse 🙂 Eating pickled herring and wear my midsummer wreath with pride. If you want to know more about Sweden and places in Sweden to visit, please read my blogpost about the Stockholm archipelago.

/Johanna – Monimo.se

binoculars, stockholm archipelago, monimo marine, marine, sweden, stockholm, archipelago





Beautiful Stockholm archipelago!

If you don´t have the chance to go to the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm. Here is a chance.

, monimo, monimo marine, stockholm, sweden, archipelago, luxuryblanket, luxury blanket, marine, Monimo MARINE Stockholm Archipelago

I can´t think of anything better than just look at the ocean.

Strömming, brygga, Fiska

During the spring and early summer, geting a chance of strömming is very good. Strömming, also known as Baltic Herring. We just fry them in butter and eat on a piece of knäckebröd.


When out in the archipelago a boattrip is a must do. There is probably nothing more fun than this. And if you are lucky, you find your very own beach…

Monimo MARINE, monimo, sweden, blanket, ocean, archipelago

Here in Sweden we love to sit on our Brygga and just relax. Those long summer nights are for real. And if it´s start to get a bit chilly. Just wrap yourself in one of these.

monimo marine, archipelago, sweden, scandisysters, marine, indoor design, scandinavian design, ocean, sea, blue and white, decoration

In the Swedish country house we love to go all in on our marine style.

sjöbod, stockholm, stockholms skärgård, archipelago, monimo sweden, sjökort, sweden, monimo, blanket, monimo marine

Almost everywhere in the Stockholm Archipelago you find the most cute small cottages by the ocean. It´s called sjöbod, boathouse and there is where you put your fishingnet or your friends visiting. A tip is to buy a large cart of the area you are living and put it on the wall.

binoculars, stockholm archipelago, monimo marine, marine, sweden, stockholm, archipelago

Binoculars and life jacket. Never go without them.

Monimo, marine, monimo marine, stockholm archipelago, scandinavian design, scandesign

White, blue and some red. All you need in these archipelago houses.


Monimo Pets. For dogs, cats … and rabbits!?

I had the most lovely weekend visiting one of the shops that features my Monimo Pet Blankets.

They had a big reopening with a new location of the shop. It is always nice to visit the shops and the staff but maybe most of all the people that bought and buy again our luxury blankets.

This time I talked to of course dog owners, that always love the Monimo Pet Blanket but also some cat owners that loved them. I am so happy to here about this.

Monimo pet blanket cat, cat on blanket, pet blanket, monimo, monimo pets, pets, cat, monimoment

Then Mr Muffins owner showed up. You may think it was a small chihuahua or an Ragdoll, but no, Mr Muffin is a rabbit. A beautiful rabbit that absolutely love our pet blankets. Now I have to meet this darling in person ❤

The lovely photo is taken by the english blogger Janice Issitt who has the most beautiful blogg.

/Johanna – Monimo.se